Profile of Kevin O’Hagan

Kevin has been training and teaching Martial Arts for 37 years at present. He holds the rank of 7th Dan Full Master’s level in Combat Ju Jutsu. He also holds black belt ranks in Japanese Jujutsu and Karate Jutsu.  He is a senior self protection instructor with the British Combat Association and was recently inducted into Martial arts illustrated magazine ‘Hall of fame’.

Kevin has taught Ju Jutsu, Close Quarter Combat and Self Defence classes since the mid 80s. He trained all over the UK and further afield, refining his unique combat system. Training with SBS instructors, Isralei Anti-Terrorist squat and many more. It is a fusion of many of these hardcore techniques that make up his manstoppers system.

In 1995 after watching the first ever Ultimate Fighting Championships, Kevin decided to test what he could of his system in the cage. Kevin at this time was training with Geoff Thompson and experiencing his infamous ‘Animal day’ sessions but ss early as the mid 80s Kevin and his instructors were dabbling in free style sparring matches, mixing JuJutsu and Kickboxing. This was the embryonic stages of what was to become Mixed Martial Arts.

Kevin first entered serious competition in the ‘Ju Jutsu Kumite’ and ‘Sports knockdown Budo’ winning gold at his weight. He then started fighting in official Amateur MMA bouts reaching the championship finals two years running. Kevin also entered Various Gi and NOGI grappling events including the European Open Brazilian Ju Jutsu championships in 2000 in London winning a silver medal at his weight.

Kevin took his system to the cage at Ultimate Combat 2 against Scottish Commonwealth wrestling champion Andrew Procter winning the bout. After several other cage outings Kevin concentrated on training his own Team Impact fighter’s for many years. Including James ‘The Colossus’ Thompson. Who has gone on to become a massive name in the world of MMA.

Kevin returned to the cage in 2004 in his hometown for Ultimate Combat 9. At then 43 years of age he took on San Shou Champion, the Turkish fighter Sami ‘The Hun’ Berik in a European welterweight title eliminator. Kevin secured a rear naked choke at the end of the first round to defeat Berik. Kevin re-entered the submission grappling area in 2012 after being retired for 6 years and won a silver medal in his weight group at the age of 5I.

Despite his MMA Career, Real world reality Combat is Kevin’s main passion and after testing the effectivness of his sytem and refining through MMA, he developed his pure 'Combat System'. A fusion of all he has learnt over his career it truly is an all encompassing, no-holds-barred fighting style. Over the years he has taught this brand of combat to members of the forces, police, bodyguard and security world. He has been fortunate also to train with a who’s who of world class instructor from all areas of combat and martial arts and taught his unique fighting system all over the World.

Renowned for his punishing fitness and conditioning regimes also his rich knowledge of fear control, NLP and sports psychology. Which he teaches through his ‘winning minds programme’. He is a sought after figure in the Reality Combat Arena.

Kevin is the author of many books, DVDs and manuals on martial arts and self defence.

His peers have quoted Kevin as being 'the best Combat Jutsu man in the UK'. Kevin Still actively teaches out of this own IMPACT GYM  in his home town of Bristol.